DCFD Engine 10

Due to the large amount of development and population growth in Northeast, Washington. Engine Company #10 was established July 1st, 1895. The 2 story double-bay firehouse was erected at 1341 Maryland Ave. NE. The first equipment was an 1884 450 gpm Horse-Drawn Steamer built by Clapp & Jones and a 1895 McDermott Brothers Hose Reel Carriage. Engine 10 earned the Harrison Naylor Flag for four successive years. This trophy was awarded annually, for the greatest efficiency in hitching horses and responding to alarms. These members set the standard of high efficiency, aggressiveness, and motivation for their company, traits that still continue today

In 1919 Engine #10 became motorized with a 1919 American LaFrance 750gpm pumper (S-110) and a 1919 American LaFrance Combination Chemical/Hose Wagon (S-210).

In 1940 upon recommendation of the National Board of Fire Underwriter's, several consolidations took place including the moving of Engine 10 to the quarters of Truck 13 at 1342 Florida Ave. NE, just 2 blocks over from their original quarters. This was a newer building erected in 1925 for the cost of about $65,000 and was unique in the fact that it had a balcony type second floor. It was surrounded by individual bunk areas for each member, while at each corner were poles that allowed for rapid access to the apparatus floor.

This house also featured a weathervane on the roof and a wooden flag pole, which still stand today. Engine 10's old quarters turned into the Property Section of the Department, and then to offices of the Uniform Board. during 1978 the department had the station renovated including the closing off of the balcony type second floor and pouring a rapid drain apparatus floor. During this time the Engine was housed in a trailer type shed on the west side of the building, while Truck 13 temporarily moved to the quarters of E-18. Through the 1980's the calls for assistance became more and more frequent for the members of Engine 10 and Truck 13. And in the 1990's, the house was given the nickname "The House of Pain" due the large volume of calls that the companies responded to. Today Engine 10 and Truck 13 continue to be some of the busiest companies in the city.