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The HOUSE OF PAIN is located at 1342 Florida Ave N.E. in the Trinidad section of the District of Columbia. The call box assigned to the house is Box 6229. The House Of Pain is composed of Engine Company 10 and Truck Company 13, both companies have been some of the busiest companies in the District of Columbia since their organization. Engine Company 10 was organized in the year of 1895 by Special Order of the Fire Chief and originally housed at 1341 Maryland Ave. N.E. before being later consolidated with Truck Company 13 at their quarters located on Florida Ave. N.E. Engine Company 10 has been the BUISIEST COMPANY IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA for many years as well as being the BUISIEST SINGLE PIECE ENGINE COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES according to Firehouse Magazines National Run Survey. Engine Company 10 has lead the District of Columbia Fire Department in amount of hose laid, equipment used, and pump-time for many years. The members of the House Of Pain are highly motivated and extremely aggressive making it a highly sought after assignment, however, only a few get to live it. It is not the name of the companies but the members that make the"HOUSE OF PAIN FIRE DEPARTMENT". 


Saturday, May 7, 2011  The Members of the House Of Pain would like to congratulate the newly appointed Acting Sergeant Ron Kalinowski of Engine Company 10 #3 Platoon. Ron has done well here and always excelled, we are sure he will do the same in the rest of his career. Good Luck Ron at Rescue Squad 1 and we all hope that they can find a Cape to fit...




Thursday, April 21, 2011  April 21, 1955, Preston T. Garrison, Private, Truck Co. 13. Died from severe burns and smoke inhalation after falling through the roof of a basket factory fire in the 1300 block of Linden Court N.E. 3rd Alarm Box 6283.




Tuesday, April 19, 2011  ************UPDATE*************** ************4/19/11*************** The following updates have been graciously supplied by the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation: Firefighter Ramon Hounshell is recovering this afternoon following a second set of skin grafts to his arms and head. Firefighter Hounshell received a surprise phone call this weekend from Brian Mitchell and Darrell Green of the Washington Redskins. The former Redskins wished him well on a speedy recovery and had an autographed Redskins helmet delivered to his hospital room. Firefighter Chuckie Ryan continues to show progress and will return to surgery this week for another set of skin grafts. Firefighter Ryan is still in the Burn ICU at Washington Hospital Center . Please continue to keep both firefighters and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Burn Foundation Image - Firefighter Ryan undergoing therapy on
      his hands.

Burn Foundation Image - Firefighter Ryan
      undergoing therapy on his hands.

Burn Foundation Photo -  Firefighter Ramon Hounshell's daughter
      Patricie showing of his Redskins helmet
      autographed by former Redskins Darrell
      Green and Brian Mitchell.

Burn Foundation Photo - Firefighter
      Ramon Hounshell's daughter
      Patricie showing of his Redskins
      helmet autographed by former
      Redskins Darrell Green and Brian


Out-of-service trucks affected response to fire, injuring 5

Wednesday, April 13, 2011  By Tom Howell Jr.-The Washington Times A Districtwide shuffle to fill in gaps left by out-of-service ladder trucks adversely affected the response to a Friday blaze that injured five firefighters, one critically, in Northeast, according to union leaders. Three of the District’s 16 ladder trucks were out of service at the time of the fire, reported shortly after 12:30 a.m., International Association of Firefighters Local 36 President Edward Smith said. Unavailable ladder trucks 10, 11 and 16 had set off a chain of maneuvers to cover areas of the District. As a result, the pair of ladder companies sent to Friday’s fire were dispatched from farther locations than the company best poised to respond, the union said. Normally, Truck 17 would have responded from 0.7 miles away, at 49th and East Capitol streets in Northeast, according to Local 36 Second Vice President Dabney S. Hudson. However, the company had been sent to a fire several miles away, at the 1300 Block of Congress Street in Southeast to cover for two closer companies that were sent to another fire. Truck 13, which would normally be the second ladder truck called to the Deanwood blaze, set out from its location more than three miles away on Florida Avenue, according to Mr. Hudson. Truck 4, which normally would not have responded at all, traveled more than five miles from its base on New Jersey Avenue, he said. Mr. Smith said it is unclear whether anything would have turned out differently at the Deanwood fire — ladder crews may have been able to ventilate the structure or remove security bars from the windows sooner, he noted — but it highlights the burden created by absent trucks. “It’s a huge safety problem for our members and [D.C.] citizens and visitors,” he said. Pete Piringer, a spokesman for D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services, said response times to the Deanwood incident were within the acceptable range and there was no gap in service. “We were very busy at that time,” he said, arguing there was no direct correlation between the out-of-service trucks and response time. An investigation into the origin of the fire and resulting injuries is still pending, Mr. Piringer said. Union leaders said the District’s aging ladder trucks frequently go out of service, while limited reserve trucks are often in disrepair or tied up on other calls. The problem did not happen overnight, but needs to be addressed in the fiscal 2012 budget before the fire department gets further behind, Mr. Smith said. “There should be more money identified to purchase apparatus,” he said. Mr. Piringer said asking for additional funding during a tough budget year might not be fiscally responsible, although it is “a work in progress.” The firefighters injured at Deanwood were Sgt. Ramon Hounshell and Firefighters Charles Ryan and Warren Deavers, all of Rescue Squad 3-Anacostia, Robert Alverado, of Truck Company 13, and Theodore Douglas, of Truck Company 4. They were taken to the Washington Hospital Center Burn Unit with varying degrees of burns; one was treated and released, and another was released Sunday for outpatient care. Firefighter Ryan, who suffered life-threatening injuries, is showing progress at the hospital. “We’re getting good reports from all of them,” Mr. Piringer said. Copyright 2011 The Washington Times, LLC



4/12/2011 Update On Injured Members

Tuesday, April 12, 2011  Update from Local 36... As of today, 1 of the members has been released from the hospital, with another scheduled for release today. The most seriously injured of the members was in surgery (as of 10:00 AM), with the remaining member scheduled for surgery immediately following. Update From Statter911... Washington Hospital Center Blood Donor Services On Monday, Dan Keys brought together a group of firefighters from IAFF Local 2068 in Fairfax County for a trip to the Washington Hospital Center. They came to donate blood on behalf of the five DC firefighters burned during Friday's fire in Northeast Washington. While there they received a visit from one of the Medstar Burn Unit patients, Lt. Robert "Cadillac" Alvarado of Truck 13. Lt. Alvarado made this short video that Leigh Boswell shot as a thank you to the firefighters from Fairfax County. She asked me to post it to encourage others to donate blood.

Statter911 Image, Blood Drive For Injured DCFD FF's

Statter911 Image, Blood Drive For
      Injured DCFD FF's



Sunday, April 10, 2011  *************UPDATE*************** *************4/10/11*************** All of the hospitalized members are doing well. One is scheduled to be released this afternoon; two are being evaluated for possible release early next week, and even the most seriously injured member has been up walking around, and communicating with visiting members. All will have significantly lengthy recovery periods in the weeks and months ahead. UPDATE FROM LOCAL 36 - 4/9/2011: DC Firefighters Burn Foundation liaison personnel are standing watch at the Washington Hospital Center's renowned Burn Center, and assisting the family members of the injured firefighters. They are happy to report that the members conditions are all improving. They were also thankful for the assistance and visitation of Ret. Lt. Joe Morgan. The members are being closely overseen by the Dr. Marion Jordan, and his great staff at the Burn Center. Local 36 has received questions regarding retired members being able to donate blood from areas other than the Washington Metro Area. When this information is known, we will pass it along to all members, so that everyone may continue to assist. Local 36 & the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation would like to thank it's members for the outpouring of support for the hospitalized members, and also extend a heartfelt thanks to the United States Park Police, the Maryland State Police Helicopter Division, the Prince Georges County MD. Fire Department, and the Montgomery County MD. Fire Dept. for their invaluable assistance during our time of need.




Friday, April 8, 2011  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Pete Piringer, Interim Public Information Officer (202) 673-3331 News Release: DC FIREFIGHTERS INJURED IN NORTHEAST HOUSE FIRE Five firefighters taken to hospital, four admitted Shortly after 12:30a on Friday, April 8th, Units from the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department were dispatched to a report of a house on fire in the 800 block 48th Pl NE. Within minutes firefighters arrived on the scene at 813 48th Place, Northeast and encountered fire showing from a one- story, wood-frame single family house. It was reported that the building was being evacuated. Moments later additional crews arrived on the scene, including Rescue Squad 3 (RS-3 - Anacostia) whose crew began a systematic search for other occupants. While the first arriving engine crew made an aggressive attack on the fire, another engine crew protected a nearby exposure building. Within minutes a partial collapse of the roof occurred forcing heat and debris on top of the search crew. Another crew from Truck 13 (T-13 – Trinidad) recognized this and called for assistance. Firefighters activated an emergency call followed by a 'Mayday'. Two of these firefighters self-rescued and the 3rd was assisted by the 'rapid intervention team' (RIT). A 4th firefighter was injured during the rescue and firefight. Emergency medical services personnel treated the injured firefighters. One firefighter was listed as Priority 1, serious and life-threatening, while the other three were considered Priority 2, serious & non life threatening. All have burns of varying degrees. All were transported to the Washington Hospital Center, MedStar Burn Unit. The most seriously inured firefighter is in critical condition, three others are being admitted to the Burn Unit with varying degrees of burns, while another was treated and released. The injured firefighters are: Firefighter Warren Deavers, RS-3, Lieutenant Robert Alverado, T-13, Firefighter Ramon Hounshell, RS-3 Firefighter Charles Ryan, RS-3 and Firefighter Theodore Douglas (E-10, T-4) The building was evacuated and defensive fire attack was initiated. Once all firefighters were accounted for an offensive fire attack was implemented and the fire was 'knocked down' within 10-15 minutes. Neighbors indicated the house is vacant, but was sometimes occupied for one reason or another. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Fire Investigators believe the area of origin was to the rear interior of the house. The house suffered significant damage and is a total loss, estimated to be approximately $150,000. DC Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe was on the scene and reported to the hospital along with many DC firefighters and family members. The DC Firefighters Burn Foundation is assisting and supporting the injured firefighters. Please keep the injured firefighters and their families in your thoughts and prayers. FROM LOCAL 36 - April 8th, 2011 - Early this morning, five members of the department experienced burns while operating on a house fire at 813 48th place North East and have subsequently been admitted to the Washington Hospital Burn Center. At this time the burn center has limited visitation to family members only to provide the for the members safety. Local 36 will provide more information as it becomes available, and we ask everyone to keep the injured brothers in your thoughts and prayers. UPDATE: Three of the injured members have been listed in serious but stable condition, and are recovering at the Washington Hospital Center. One member is still listed in critical condition. FROM STATTER911 At 10:35 AM, during the hearing of the Committee on the Judiciary & Public Safety, Council member Phil Mendelson announced the names of four of the five injured firefighters from this morning. The critically injured firefighter is Charles A. "Chucky" Ryan III of Rescue Squad 3 #2, who is also the chief of Riverdale VFD in Prince George's County, Maryland. Also injured were Firefighter Mike Deavers, Rescue Squad 3 #2, Sgt Ramon Hounshell, Rescue Squad 3 #2 and Lt. Robert "Cadillac" Alvarado, Truck 13 #2. Mendelson asked for a moment of silence for the injured firefighters. ENGINE Co. 10 was 3rd and TRUCK Co. 13 was 1st Due on this alarm. Lt. Alvarado of 13 TRUCK #2 Platoon has been hospitalized from his injuries. Please keep all members of the DCFD in your thoughts and prayers at this time.







Sunday, March 13, 2011  Minutes before 0900 hrs. a Box Alarm was transmitted for a reported Building On Fire in the area of New York Ave. and Bladensburg Rd. N.E. bringing Engine Co. 10 and Truck Co. 13 Second Due.

First Arriving Engine Co. 10 advised they had Smoke Showing from "The Hogs on The Hill" at 2003 Bladensburg Rd. N.E.  13 Truck arrived the same time and forced entry to the rear through a barricaded door and a security gate to locate a fire in the rear of the restraunt.  As THE DIME reported the fire was knocked down and 13 Truck was opening up and ventilating the rest of the Box Alarm was arriving on the scene.  The assignment was quickly scaled back and reduced to 2 and 2. 




Friday, February 25, 2011  On a day where Record Wind Gusts were recorded around the Nations Capitol several unusual runs occured.  Besides the usual Medical Locals and Wires Down, Truck Co. 13 responded to several incidents while the Engine Company was tied up on runs all over the City. 

Around 1530 hrs. was a Metro Rescue Alarm was sounded for a Train that was struck by a pole with injured people at 200 Florida Ave. The situation was quickly mitigated.

Minutes after returning to service 13 TRUCK was dispatched to the 4400 blk. of Quarles St. N.E. for a reported Roof Ripped Off A Building.  13 TRUCK found the same and filled the assignment.  On a day of more than twenty runs for the House Of Pain these were just some of the runs that stood out.







Tuesday, February 22, 2011  While Engine Co. 10 was Out Of Service to the Shop a Box Alarm was transmitted for a reported House On Fire in the 1100 blk. of 6th St. N.E.  Truck Co. 13 arrived to find a two story, ordinary, end of the row home with Smoke Showing from the 1st Floor.  The members of the Truck quickly located a fire on the first floor and went to work opening it up for the engine company.  The fire was quickly knocked down and the assignment was scaled back. 

Then around 2330 hrs. a Box Alarm was struck for a reported House Fire in the 300 blk. of 36th St. N.E.  bringing Engine Co. 10 and 3rd Due and Truck Co. 13 2nd Due on the Assignment.  Engine Company 10 once again arrived in the front first.  With a Report of People Trapped and Fire Showing from the Second Floor THE DIME assumed 1st Due.  A fire was locatd on the Second Floor and 10 Engine extinguished the same while other companies checked for extension.  With the fire quickly knocked down the assignment was scaled back.

300 blk. of 36th St. N.E. - www.DCFD.com

300 blk. of 36th St. N.E. - www.DCFD.com

300 blk. of 36th St. N.E. - www.DCFD.com

300 blk. of 36th St. N.E. - www.DCFD.com


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