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The HOUSE OF PAIN is located at 1342 Florida Ave N.E. in the Trinidad section of the District of Columbia. The call box assigned to the house is Box 6229. The House Of Pain is composed of Engine Company 10 and Truck Company 13, both companies have been some of the busiest companies in the District of Columbia since their organization. Engine Company 10 was organized in the year of 1895 by Special Order of the Fire Chief and originally housed at 1341 Maryland Ave. N.E. before being later consolidated with Truck Company 13 at their quarters located on Florida Ave. N.E. Engine Company 10 has been the BUISIEST COMPANY IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA for many years as well as being the BUISIEST SINGLE PIECE ENGINE COMPANY IN THE UNITED STATES according to Firehouse Magazines National Run Survey. Engine Company 10 has lead the District of Columbia Fire Department in amount of hose laid, equipment used, and pump-time for many years. The members of the House Of Pain are highly motivated and extremely aggressive making it a highly sought after assignment, however, only a few get to live it. It is not the name of the companies but the members that make the"HOUSE OF PAIN FIRE DEPARTMENT". 


Monday, January 23, 2012  One year ago today, Private Marc E. Dancy passed away off duty.  Marc was an active member of Engine Company 10 #1 Platoon at the time he passed and will be greatly missed.  Even a year later it is difficult to find anyone that has something bad to say about Marc.  Please keep Marc's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers today.

Marc will forever be apart of the House of Pain.


Marc with the Members of Number 1 Platoon the last day at 1342 Florida Ave NE prior to renovation...

Marc with the Members of Number 1
      Platoon the last day at 1342 Florida Ave
      NE prior to renovation...



Sunday, January 22, 2012  Story Courtesy Elliot Goodman

Friday night January 20th, the members of Engine 10 & Truck 13 celebrated the 25th anniversary of a House of Pain "Hall of Fame" member, Sergeant Chet Barrett.

Chet spent many years at the Florida Avenue fire station which has certainly achieved the reputation as the "Busiest fire house in the Nation" for many years now, and is world famous, as Chet is. Chet was joined that evening by two other all-star alumni from the House of Pain, retired Lieutenants Leo Handley and A.J.Winterwerp. (As well as Active Lieutenant and Ex-Wagon Driver Charlie Hottinger)

The members of Engine 10 and Truck 13 put on a superb dinner in Chets honor. Congratulations Chet for your 25 years of proud DCFD service, and the long living tradition that will always stand for. We wish you the best on your next 25 years before retirement.

Courtesy Elliott Goodman

Courtesy Elliott Goodman

Courtesy Elliott Goodman

Courtesy Elliott Goodman



Sunday, January 15, 2012  Around 0900 hrs. a BOX ALARM was transmitted for a report of Smoke Coming From a Building in the 1200 blk. of Mt. Olivet Road N.E.  First arriving Engine Co. 10 and Truck Co. 13 discovered Smoke Showing from a single story, ordinary, vacant commercial structure and went to work.  

13 TRUCK had numerous locked gates and doors to breach to get THE DIME in position to attack the fire.  Once inside the structure crews were confronted with zero visibility while discovering a large pile of debris on fire that had extended to the roof of the structure.  13 TRUCK went to work opening up by ventilating vertically and horizontally and throwing ground ladders.  THE DIME quickly located the fire and extinguished the same and the assignment was scaled back.  Just another First Due Fire for the Trinidad Fire Department...


Courtesy Rescue Squad 1, Engine 2 and the FFD-DFC

Courtesy Rescue Squad 1, Engine 2 and
      the FFD-DFC



Wednesday, January 11, 2012  Another day for #1 Platoon and another couple of fires.  As the cold rain fell, a Box Alarm was transmitted for the reported Building Fire in the 400 blk. of Evarts St. N.E.  First arriving units arrived to find a two-story middle, ordinary, middle of the row apartment 2x2 apartment building with Smoke Showing from the second floor.  The incident was escalated to a Working Fire Dispatch bringing Engine Company 10 to the scene.  THE DIME selected a hydrant and layed out to the block, advancing 500' of 1.5" to the building before being placed in Division I, which is where the fire was discovered.  10 Engine went to work assisting units in Division I with extinguishing the fire.  Once under control command reduced the assignment to 2 and 2, returning 10 Engine.

After dinner a Local Alarm was transmitted for a reported Automatic Fire Alarm in the 1500 blk. of F St. N.E.  10 Engine and 13 Truck arrived to find a three story, ordinary, detached apartment building with nothing evident.  However, upon investigation units discovered a fire in the second floor apartment bedroom.  Companies went to work and the assignment was filled out.  The fire was knocked down before any other units arrived with hydraulic ventilation greeting the second due companies.  The assignment was quickly scaled back and held with the Trinidad Fire Department and the Fire Investigators.  Just another day for the Members of the House Of Pain.







Tuesday, January 3, 2012  Around 1530 hrs. calls began flooding the Office of Unified Communications reporting a House Fire in the 600 blk. of F Street N.E.  The Trinidad Fire Department arrived to find a 2-story, ordinary, middle of the row home with Smoke Showing from Side-Alpha.  As THE DIME and 13 TRUCK made entry the conditions quickly changed and now there was Fire Showing from the front door.  The fire was quickly knocked down and searches proved negative reducing the assignment to "One and One".




Sunday, January 1, 2012  The Members of Number 3 Platoon were greeted this morning to a House Fire in the 600 blk. of M St. N.E.  The Trinidad Fire Department arrived to find a two story, ordinary, middle of the row home with fire showing from Side-Alpha on the first and second floor.  The Dime went to work knocking down the fire which had progressed rapidly while 13 Truck went to work opening up for the companies.  The fire was quickly under control but required extensive overhaul work before companies could return to service...




Wednesday, December 14, 2011  The start to an unusually slow morning came to life shortly after 0700 hrs. when calls began flooding the Office of Unified Communications reporting smoke coming from a building, in the area of New York Avenue and Montana Avenue N.E.  The Box was struck bringing Truck Company 13 second due and Engine Company 10 fourth due.

First arriving units discovered Smoke Showing from a single story, commercial, vacant building in the 1900 blk. of New York Ave. N.E.  Truck 13 immediately went to work forcing entry and gaining access to the vacant structure.  The Dime picked up 17 Engines line and advanced the 400' pre-connected attack line into the rear of structure and located a fire in the C and D quadrants of the building, extinguishing the same.  The Trucks were kept busy, opening up the vacant structure, ventilating vertically and horizontally, and laddering the building.  The fire was quickly knocked down and the assignment was scaled back.  

As members picked up they conducted a thorough walk through of the structure which was a recently vacant gentleman's club.  The building possess many challenges to firefighters, including its wood frame second floor with knee walls built on top of the masonry structure and unusual lay out complete with poles.




Sunday, November 13, 2011  Two years ago today, Active Technician Fred Perry of Truck Co. 13 #1 Platoon lost his fight with cancer and passed away.  Even though Fred is gone, the House Of Pain has not forgot him.  Please take time out of your day today to "Remember Fred", his family and all of their friends.  

Technician Perry and The House of Pain Featured in the Seagrave Calendar

Technician Perry and The House of Pain
      Featured in the Seagrave Calendar

2008 Fishing Trip

2008 Fishing Trip



The House Of Pain is excited to announce details in reference to this years Annual Christmas Party.  

It will be on Saturday, December 3, 2011 (# 2 Platoon) from 1900 - 0001 hours at the Argonaut Restarunt and Bar located at 1433 H St. N.E. Washington, DC 20002.

Tickets are $40 in advance and $50 at the door.  It includes a DJ, Hor d'oeuvres and an open bar.  For tickets contact the quarters of Engine Co. 10 on #4 Platoon.  See you there.




Thursday, October 27, 2011  With The Dime going Out Of Service in the morning a busy day was set for the Members of 13 Truck.  The evening got even busier with back to back fires.  The first fire occurred in the 500 blk. of Montana Ave. N.E. bringing 13 Truck on the Working Fire Dispatch.  The Truck assumed its responsibilities as apart of the Rapid Intervention Group.  

Shortly after clearing the fire ground and returning to quarters a Box Alarm was struck for a reported House On Fire in the 1100 blk. of G St. N.E., only blocks from quarters.  First arriving members found a two story, ordinary, end of the row home with Smoke Showing from the second floor on Side - Alpha and Fire Showing from the same on Side Charlie. 13 Truck went to work laddering the building, ventilating vertically and horizontally, searching for victims and opening up for the Engine Companies operating on the number two floor. Fire was found in the second floor and through the entire cockloft.  Companies were able to bring the fire under control in little time and the arduous task overhaul was completed.  Engine Company 10 was placed back in service at 2300 hrs. and able to take in numerous Medical Locals before relief.  Just another day at The House Of Pain.

Courtesy DCFD.com

Courtesy DCFD.com

Courtesy DCFD.com

Courtesy DCFD.com


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